Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Boo Radleys - Skywalker/French Canadian Bean Soup (7'')

Isn't vinyl just so darn swell? I love when I bring my new double vinyl release home and open it and a 7'' record falls out as a special bonus just for you featuring a couple of exclusive tracks that you can't get anywhere else...well, at least in the old days like way back in 96 or something before the internet was ripe with every rare track you never thought you'd hear let alone find yourself a personal copy in one format or another....But this was the case with The Boo Radleys wonderful and very underrated album, C'mon Kids. It may have been commercail suicide after the success of Wake Up Boo! but really it is a very diverse collection of amazing gems. It's my favourite of their output, although nothing is as good as Blues For George Michael!

French Canadian Bean Soup

Go To Sleep Boo!

P.S...sorry though...not my rip!


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