Friday, August 26, 2011

After All - Sitting Far Away (7'')

Now here's an eighties rarity if I've ever posted one before. Since I moved to the west coast almost 10 years ago, I have become very close friends with former Pure guitarist, songwriter and producer, Todd Simko. Not only has he produced everything by my band in the last 7 years, but scored me many sessions for other people as well. A few months back, to my delight, he gave me a special 7'' for my birthday. The very first single by his eighties band, After All. These tracks were not found on their debut album which is hard to find itself. This is my first shot at ripping vinyl, so I'm not sure how you'll feel about my rip, but I know you won't find this gem anywhere else. Both these tracks are great and now I know that he can get me that eighties drum sound that I want from now on!

A: Sitting Far Away
B: Valley Of The Kings

Sitting over here!

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