Saturday, June 12, 2010

Longpigs - Live

Oh how I miss Longpigs. I actually got to see them live four times in Toronto over their short existence and they were one of the best live bands I ever saw! Unfortunately, live recordings of the band are scarce, and apart from one bootleg which I lost in the great hardrive crash of a few years ago, these three are the only live tracks I have by the band. These are taken from CD2 of the She Said re-issue.

Lost Myself (Live)
Far (Live)
On And On (Live)

and on and on...


I Got Pussy!!! said...

I miss them too!

Unknown said...

i really miss longpigs, and am gutted that i can't find any live/session stuff by them on the 'net. I hated these guys till i saw them supporting Sleeper in Glasgow. S;eeper were quite ho-hum but Longpigs were blinding. Totally tight, 100% powerful. They completely converted me to their cause.