Thursday, November 5, 2009

Charlotte Hatherley - Accordion Versions

So yeah, it's been awhile! After a forced move back in July, and then my old band getting back together, I haven't had a lot of time and 2, I don't really have a proper transfer setup right now. None the less, I'm not gone forever, just a little here and there for now...

Which brings me to the reason you're here in the first place...A very good friend recently brought me the new Charlotte Hatherley album, White, from London and it is quite good. It did remind me of these accordion versions of her early hits that were floating around when Grey Will Fade was out. These were done by Martin White and are sure to help you clear out the party when it's just that time!

Summer (Accordion Version)
Bastardo (Accordion Version)
Kim Wilde (Accordion Version)

Summer is long gone....