Saturday, March 14, 2009

Super Furry Animals - Hello Sunshine (Davy Love Remix)

Very excited because my favourite band is releasing a new album on Monday. Super Furry Animals will be releasing their 9th studio album and it's called Dark Days/Light Years and if the free mp3 they've givin' away from their website is any indication, it should be another classic. I have said that about all of their records though. Today I give you a very rare remix of Hello Sunshine from the Phantom Power album. I believe this mix was supposed to be on the remix album, Phantom Phorce, but Davy Love was too stoned to get it in on time for inclusion. Sorry it's only at 128 but I have never found another version of it, so try and enjoy!

Hello Sunshine (Davy Love Mix)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blondie - Good Boys (Waxdroidz Remix)

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last month. I have been really busy with work, house guests, and rehearsing and recording demos with my new band so it hasn't left me alot of spare time. But I'm back today to tell you that I met Blondie a couple weeks ago. My Mom was recently out for a visit and on one of the days I went to pick her up from the hotel she was staying, it happened. Leaving her room, a man came out of another room and I thought, that's Chris Stein from Blondie. As the three of us got to the elevator, I introduced myself and a brief conversation took place. A moment later the elevator door opened up and Debbie Harry was on it! So the 4 of us rode down together and after a few lines of convo, it was over. Then, later that night whilst me and my girl were dropping my Mom back off, Chris and Debbie came through the lobby just as we got there. They winked and smiled at us and we followed them out to the bus where they signed a few autos and took pics. So my girlfriend got to talk to Debbie, one of her heroes and was dead excited. It was very cool. So today enjoy this unreleased remix of Good Boys.

Good Boys (Waxdroidz Remix)