Thursday, June 18, 2009

Trio - Anna (Extended) + More...

I can't quite bring myself to do straight re-ups due to time constraints but I want to fulfill all of our needs so here is a nice grab bag of Trio stuff. Some Extendeds, some live, some b-sides and a very rare remix I found a number of years back. Gotta run now. Rehearsal tonight and gig this weekend. See you next week? Cheers!

Anna (Extended)
Boom Boom (Extended)
Broken Hearts For You And Me (Live)
Da Da Da (Bill Murray Mix)
Halt Mich Fest Ich Werd Ver
Kummer (Live)
Sunday You Need Love, Monday Be Alone


Lone Wolf said...

Thanks much for the TWEEO! (haha)

One of the great (and generally unknown) bands of the 80s...great stuff!

NOISEBOX said...

great blog! please check out or maybe put it on your link:

we have the same interest in music. thanks and keep up the good work!

anythingshouldhappen said...

Hi Jus,

Thanks for the heads up on Ash.

There are loads more, but not proving as popular as I thought.

Few more to go up as I'm catching up.

Trying to catch up on the zero's on Rapidshare with this 90 day rule.

Just tried the Sparks, they have downloaded fine, there is this glitch sometimes in rapidshare with multiple downloads.

Have another try. Any probs let me know and I'll get them to you.