Saturday, May 9, 2009

Warm Jets - Hurricane

I think this is CD1 out of 2 of the reissued version of Hurricane. Great band, great single, and not enough material left behind. Shame that.

Hurricane (Radio Edit)
Soft Song

No It's Not Eno....

Kai & The War Milk Boys - Re-Post

By request again! The Kai & The War Milk Boys album. If there is not at least 5 comments after this post, I will never re-up this again!!!

The Ballad Of.....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Super Furry Animals - The Citizen's Band

Guerrilla is my favorite album by Super Furry Animals fer sure. The Beach Boys cover Kraftwerk method really comes together here and it features some of the best tracks the band have done in their 15 year career. Anyhow, it wasn't til years later that I discovered said favorite album had one of those hidden tracks on it. Not at the end when you've fallen asleep and are awoken by a special 20 minutes later racket (although there is a short hidden track at the end as well), but a hidden track that is before track 1 so when you put the disc on and it starts, you must hit rewind. It is a rather glorious track too that fits in well with the rest of this masterpiece. It is called The Citizen's Band and I hope you enjoy it.

That's Right...Don't Go Chewin' Now.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Mock Turtles - And Then She Smiles

Lately it's been all Zep and TFF for me but I'm branching out today with this wonderful single from The Mock Turtles. I was baggy and this fit right in with my agenda at the time. I might like Strings And Flowers more but And Then She Smiles is a near perfect pop song, all sugary sweet but not in a Stone Roses kinda way. The real gem here however is the Can U Dig It? remix because any remix of Can U Dig It? is good, no?

Dig It Here...