Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Paris Angels - Oh Yes

I watched an interesting documentary on the Madchester scene yesterday and it got me thinking about my favourite tracks of the time. Of course Fools Gold and WFL are way up there, but the second wave of bands, although most only put out a few singles and one album, had some classics that I still love today. Paris Angels put out a bunch of cracking singles. Perfume, Scope and this one, Oh Yes. I remember taking a trip to Buffalo to a small indie shop where I found this one. It still sounds very fresh to my ears today but it also takes me back to highschool where you could find me Bezzing down the hall in my baggy jeans, Mondays T, and Reni hat. I hope you dig!

Oh Yes
I Understand
Oh Yes (Instrumental)
Too Easy



Analog Loyalist said...

grab the entire Paris Angels discog at my blog ;)
The Power Of Independent Trucking

great blog btw - added you to my blogroll.

Analog Loyalist said...

btw which indie shop in Buffalo? I live in Buffalo and they're sadly all gone... :( I purchased my Paris Angels CDs in Chicago back when they came out....

Jus said...

I can't remember the name of it. It was a long time ago and the only time I went to that shop. Sorry. And hey...nice blog!

I was a Teenage Shoegazer said...

This is a classic. I was at the indie disco cutting some moves to this 18 years ago.