Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tiger - Girl From The Petrol Station

One of the greatest and mostly unknown bands from the Brit-Pop era, Tiger put out some classic records before disbanding right after their second full LP. I was hooked right away after hearing b-side Icicle on a Vox Magazine compilation and went on to collect all of their releases. All but one. The second album Rosaria spawned the 2 part Friends single. The band split before the second one got it's commercial release. This would be the 2 part Girl From The Petrol Station. Promo copies did go out and I managed to find part 1 with it's exclusive b-sides, Paul Young and Sea Shandy which you can DL below. The part 2 b-sides are another story. Even Dan from Tiger himself could not find a copy for me. I know they are out there and they are called God It's Good and Rolling Rose. If you have them, please send them to me for they are the only 2 official Tiger tracks I have never heard! In the meantime, enjoy the 3rd and 4th rarest Tiger tracks out there. Cheers!

Paul Young
Sea Shandy


Monday, October 6, 2008

The Stone Roses - Interview 01-30-95

In late January of 1995, Manchester legends The Stone Roses finally came to Canada for the very first time. Although there was no gig, Ian and John came over to speak to the press and announce they would soon grace our shores with their live show. In Toronto, they would come to the radio station, CFNY, for an interview and spin some cuts from their recently released, 5 years in the waiting sophomore release, Second Coming. The interview was open to the public, so early afternoon we made our way to the station to find an already jammed studio. Fortunately we managed to be a couple of the last to get in the door. The wait was on but when Ian and John finally entered the room, it was really really exciting. The interview was done by DJ Kim who went into it with quite a chip on her shoulder, the Roses having a rep for not saying much, but by the end you can hear she's slightly won over by the duo's nonchalance. After the interview, they talked to everyone there and signed every last autograph, including mine pictured above. I made it home in time to tape the whole thing off the radio and would like to share it with you. I edited out the tunes they played, (no one needs crapy radio rips of Driving South and Good Times!) so what you get here is everything Ian and John had to say. Enjoy!

The Stone Roses - Interview, January 30th 1995