Monday, August 4, 2008

Kai And The War Milk Boys - The Ballad Of Johny Christ

Have had a request for this for some time but it took awhile to find the disc. Also my scanner is down so no sleeve, but when I get it back up and running, I'll do a large Kai post with rarities and pics and stuff. I played drums in the band so believe me, I've got more stuff. This album came out in 1999.

My Heart's Parade
New World Anthem
On My Street
Dream In Stereo
Porn Star
Boring Day
Do U
The Ballad Of Johny Christ
Anna Thesia
Sunshine Blue



Rufus said...

Hi Jus!

I just wanted to formally thank you for putting this cd up for download. Makes me think my good for nothing blog actually paid off. I wanted to wait until I had a chance to really listen to the cd, but I'm lacking in computer techie know how and basically had no idea about RAR. files or whatever the heck that was. A little research, and I am currently enjoying the cd. Once again, thank you SO MUCH!

And you were the drummer? That's awesome!

Jus said...

No problem. I'm glad it worked out after all these months. If you dig, maybe I'll post a few more Kai tracks in the near future. There are some killer tunes that never saw the light of day. Cheers.

caff said...


I was so glad when i came across this post, once again searching for and finally seeming to find "Dream in Stereo" (which is one of the songs i consider, as a QaF fan, somewhat of a Holy Grail), thrilled that it'd be an entire album i'd get to download, and then nearly cried when zShare wouldn't, well, share. I'm not sure if that's because the file's expired (i wasn't notified as much), or if it's just the service acting up on me (it hasn't before…)

Could you please be so kind as to upload this again?

Jus said...

I will re-post this for you in the next week.