Friday, April 18, 2008

Warm Jets - Never Never

The late 90's brought us some very short but very memorable appearences by some new wave of new wave bands. Some very great records were made by the likes of Tiger and Gay Dad who both put out killer debuts, only to fade in popularity with their follow up records, Tiger's Rosaria which was fantastic and produced by Stephen Street. Gay Dad's Transmission, which wasn't as good as the first one. And that brings us to Warm Jets who never got to put out a follow up to their brilliant album, Future Signs. A lo-fi, new wave album which boast some pretty memorable pop dities in the vein of....hmm..I'm not really sure. Can't put my finger on it. Check out this single and you tell me. These are from the 2 CD set of the single Never Never, which is like the only video I have seen of the band. The b-sides are quite as great as the stuff on their album, but you will become a fan and are glad that somebody has these hard to find tracks.

Never Never
On The Floor
There Is Still Mystery


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Manuela said...

hi, my name is Manuela. I found your blog through another one that showed up on my google search for the song "dream in stereo" by kai and the war milk boys. On another blog you said you have that cd and I was wondering if you could gently upload that song for me. I heard it on the show Queer As Folk and I've been searching for it everywhere but it's impossible to find. I hope you can help me. thanks.