Sunday, March 16, 2008

Big Audio Dynamite - Medicine Show

Possibly my favourite BAD song ever, though there are so many good ones my opinion could change by tonight! From the debut album, This Is Big Audio Dynamite, there were many different versions of this single, today of which I've included most of the various mixes and b-sides that go with the various formats.

Medicine Show (UK Remix)
Medicine Show (US Remix)
A Party (Remix)
E=MC2 (70mm) wide screen mix
Albert Einstein Meets The Human Beatbox



Lloyd said...

weird...i was searching for Big Audio Dynamite on the Born again 80's forum today & saw your post from yesterday! i just got done going thru your whole blog! great stuff & i look forward to seeing what else you share!
all the best,
lloyd [aka: "the vapor" on the forum. ironic?!

Scaryduck said...

Great stuff. Love BAD.

ImmortalAl said...

erroneous link