Thursday, February 28, 2008

Big Country - Wonderland

Wonderland was released as a single to bridge the gap between The Crossing, and what was to come next, the amazing Steeltown album. I remember it well when this came out. I was sick and home from school and there was no way I could go downtown to the Record Pedler and pick up the import that I know they had got in that day. However, my Dad stopped by the Pedler and brought it home from work with him that evening. I was stoked and listened to it over and over.

There were many different versions of the single in 7, 12 and promo formats for different regions. Some included tracks that had appeared on other singles already, but there was some unheard gems that have become favourites. Wonderland extended version is awesome. The b-side was an instrumental called Giant. The Canadian ep had All Fall Together which was another version of Giant but with lyrics. I also had the double 7'' which included and awesome live version of Lost Patrol. Enjoy.

Wonderland (Extended Version)
All Fall Together
Lost Patrol (Live)



Gay Cartoons R Us said...

Is there any chance of you reposting this to another service?

For the past few days (it is Oct 24, 2008) zShare has been messed up on everyone's accounts..

when you click on the download link, it loops back to the exact same page and starts the "20 seconds til your download link appears" sequence

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Aujourd'hui said...

Hi, is there any chance of you reposting all these Big Country singles? Thanks a lot!