Sunday, February 24, 2008

Big Country - Harvest Home

Big Country 1982-1986 were the best band ever! This is their first single, Harvest Home. This version being different than the version that appeared on their debut LP, The Crossing. The b-side, Balcony, made it's way on to The Against All Odds soundtrack, and Flag Of Nations is maybe the only early release to have keyboards. Overall, a killer introduction.

Harvest Home
Flag Of Nations


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Gay Cartoons R Us said...

Thanks for posting this.. is it possible to re-upload it to another service? For the past few days (it's Oct 24 2008 today) zShare had been doing a weird thing on most, if not all, accounts - when you click on the download link, it loops back to the same page and goes through the "wait 20 seconds for download link" procedure again.. and loops again if you click that link.

Thanks in advance.. this is a real rarity and I would love to get a copy.