Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Big Country - Chance

Fourth and final single from The Crossing LP. I really dug the plaid shirts and knickers and stuff but the lads did suffer from some fashion faux paux' like the Glasgow Vice look from The Seer era, Bruce Watson's Def Lep for King Of Emotion, and absolutly no excuse for the white ball huggers Stuart sports in the video for Chance. Top tune though!

Here you'll get the 12 inch extended mix of Chance, a live cover of Tracks Of My Tears, and a song that didn't make it on The Crossing LP, but is called The Crossing.
Also thrown in for good measure, the 7 inch mix of Chance which is different from both the 12 inch and album versions.

Chance (Extended Version)
Tracks Of My Tears (Live)
The Crossing
Chance (7" Remix)



bubu said...

thanks for the singles of Big Country

It's a great pleasure to heard it


Gay Cartoons R Us said...

Thanks for posting this.. is it possible to re-upload it to another service? For the past few days (it's Oct 24 2008 today) zShare had been doing a weird thing on most, if not all, accounts - when you click on the download link, it loops back to the same page and goes through the "wait 20 seconds for download link" procedure again.. and loops again if you click that link.

Thanks in advance.. this is a real rarity and I would love to get a copy.

Francis said...

i would love you forever if you could re-upp all the rare big country stuff - zsharee is no longer serving the files! xxx

Dj Affliction said...


Terry Bissessar said...

Thanks Jus, I just found your BC page today but I've been a fan since 83'. My Sister and I collectively had some of the vinyl from the 80's and even got quite a bit from the Record Peddler in Toronto as well. Saw BC live in 86' at Wonderland,best show ever. Cheers!